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With over 30 years of combined experience, our nutrition and fitness professionals will come together and build you a complete program to target your major health issues and help you finally get rid of those stubborn areas that bother you most.
It's time to start seeing the results you want and our team will be with you every step of the way!

REMEMBER....There will never be a perfect time to start, the most important part is GETTING STARTED and we are here to


Our Online Coaching Approach

We believe in order to see LIFE CHANGING RESULTS, you must have a plan in place and prioritize your:
Nutrition, Resistance Training, Cardio Routine, and Recovery.



We use a "Flexible Dieting" approach when writing your nutrition program. We are firm believers in creating you a plan that you can stick to long term, while still living life with your family and friends.  We use the Bilt Wellness application in order to track your daily food intake.  We combine a structured and flexible approach to dieting based on the individual and what style works best for you. 



Our team of personal trainers come together each month to help design our clients a resistance training program that is best suited for you. We understand some clients are brand new to resistance training and are intimidated in getting started. Do not worry, we have worked with thousands of clients ranging from beginner to bodybuilding competitiors. We also offer in-person and online personal training sessions using Zoom if you need further assistance. 



Based on your current fitness level we will design a program that will help you achieve your fat loss goals. It is important to always keep the body guessing and use a variety of  techniques when creating a cardio routine. DIfferent machines and different interval patterns will help you achieve different results based on your goals.

 Rememeber, there is such thing as to much cardio, and we will ensure you do just the right amount. 



When most clients think of getting started on a weight loss goal, they tend to solely think about burning calories, exercising, and dieting. Most people completely forget about the importance of rest and recovery and how vital that is in order to achieve results. Our coaching platform prioritizes your sleep, supplementation, stretching, and recovery. We include tips and tricks to achieve this part of the program that is just as essential as the first 3 steps.  

Client Transformations

How It Works

Our online coaching platform starts every Monday for new clients.


You will be working directly with your assigned Bilt Wellness health coach. Your coach will be with you every step of the way and will build you a complete program in order for you to achieve your health and wellness goals and truly change your life!


This customized program will address your nutrition, resistance training, cardiovascular routine, and recovery. Your coach will be holding you accountable by assigning you daily tasks to complete each day. You will also be required to do weekly check-ins which will include check-in pictures (Front, Back, Side) and a brief questionaire asking you how the week went and making sure you completed all of your assigned tasks.


Once you purchase our program you will be asked to complete our

"Getting Started Questionaire."

Once your questionaire is completed your Bilt Wellness health coach will reach out to you and

schedule your virtual on-boarding call via Google Meet. 


We look forward to the opportunity in helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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